What is the treatment regimen of TRUD ?

The patient should use one TRUD enema every day at bedtime for 28 days.

At what severity can TRUD be used ?

TRUD is indicated for mild to moderate distal Ulcerative Colitis.

Can TRUD be used both in chronic and acute phase ?

Yes, TRUD can be used both in chronic and acute phases.

How long should the patient keep it ?

The enema suspension should be retained in the bowel for as long as possible so as to maintain the longest possible contact time with the colon. It is recommended that the patient should remain in the administration position for 5 to 10 minutes. It is also recommended to empty the bowels before administration, as to keep the product until the next day.

Can TRUD be used straight from the bottle ?

Yes, but we highly recommend that the patient warms it up in water for 1 minute and shake it well for approximately 30 seconds

Can TRUD be used concomitantly with other treatments ?

Patients can use TRUD rectally in concomitant to oral treatment such as 5-ASA, in order to maximise the therapeutic efficacy. Please note there has been no study performed specifically to assess the interaction with other treatments.

How soon can the effects of TRUD be seen ?

Generally, patients start to have improvements after several days or up to two weeks of TRUD treatment.

What are the side effects of TRUD Vs other treatments ?

Similar to other rectal treatments, common side effects of TRUD are bloating, flatulence, nausea, diarrhea and abdominal pain which is partly believed to be due to the route of administration.